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1900 MHz CDMA System ID (SID) 4106 (4162 in Western MA & NY)
My Status: Active Length of Service: 60 months My Phone: Kyocera M1000
Virgin Mobile is a pre-pay service that uses the Sprint PCS network, so it has the same coverage as Sprint PCS (except there is no roaming capability). Good coverage in most metro areas, check the maps for other areas. Long distance included.  Airtime is good for 90 days (and will rollover if renewed before the 90+60 days grace period expires). Minimum recharge is $20 making the minimum monthly cost $6.67/month (you can get a $5/month rate with the Pay Less Every 90 auto-refill). Domestic text is 15c to send and receive. International text is 20c to send and 15c to receive.

Minute Plans (there are three)
a. 20 each minute, all the time
b. 10 per minute for $6.99/month
c. Minute packs (5c-10c/min)
(downside to minute packs is that the minutes are deducted from your balance and are unavailable for SMS, data, games, ringtones, etc)

Messaging packs can be added: $5/200, $10/1000, $20/unlimited

(Users of the old 25/10 or 18c plans as well as those on the 5c SMS plan are grandfathered and can keep what they have as long as they do not change anything)

Monthly Plans: See my hybrid chart.

Top-up options:
Pay Less every 90: New auto top-up (need credit card) where you pay $15 every 90 days.
Service Preserver: Top-up at least $90 in a three day period and airtime is good for a year.

You can earn up to 75 free minutes a month by enrolling in the Sugar Mama program and watching advertisements.

Virgin Mobile refill cards are often on sale at Target stores.

Beware: You can't roam off of the Sprint PCS network.
You are charged 2c for balance inquiries from the phone. The first five requests of the day are free.

Roaming: No coverage outside the Sprint PCS network. 
Phones: You have to use one of the specially programmed Virgin phones.


VIRGIN MOBILE Interactive Coverage Viewer

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