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850 MHz CDMA/850 MHz AMPS
(1900 MHz CDMA in some markets)
(also TDMA 850 indefinitely)
SID 445 (South/Central NH); SID 1484 (VT & North/West NH)
SID 271/1315/1317/1320 (ME); SID 5010 (Rutland VT); 
SID 4352 (St. Johnsbury VT); SID 6482 (Portland ME)
My Status: Previous Subscriber Length of Service: 12 months My Phone: Nokia 6120
U.S. Cellular covers the entire state of NH except Rockingham & Strafford Counties (Salem, Portsmouth, Rochester, Dover), as well as southern VT and most parts of ME (other than some costal areas).  New coverage in northern VT (eg: Rutland and St. Johnsbury) and southeastern ME (eg: Portland).
Roaming: Included within the coverage area regardless of whether you are on the U.S. Cellular system. You can roam virtually anywhere.
Plans: Local Plans are now Network Plans (USC calls them Wide-Area Plans) (works in any USC market - not useful for New England unless you happen to travel to Chicago or one of the other areas).

If you want Boston as part of your minutes you have only one choice - the National Plan.

$40/450 minute national plan with free incoming calls (nights/weekends cost an additional $5.95). M2M only good on the USC network.
Phones: Various specials (local newspaper ads have better deals that the website)


USC New England Coverage Area
(aqua color is considered local)

USC Wide-Area (Network) Coverage Area

USC National Plan Coverage Area




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