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Last Update: 12/24/2008 01:57 PM

850/1900 MHz GSM
850 MHz TDMA/850 MHz AMPS
850 MHz CDMA/850 MHz AMPS
(Dover NH, York ME, Greenfield MA, Stratton VT)
GSM Network Code: 310-890 (US-89)
SID 313 (VT & NW NH); SID 484 (Dover, York, Greenfield)
SID 1314 (most of ME)
My Status: N/A Length of Service: N/A My Phone:  N/A

As of 8/7/2008, Verizon has purchased Unicel. The GSM network will remain operational. Unicel has EDGE running on its complete network.

The GSM network (see coverage map below) in New York and Vermont is now owned by AT&T. The rest of the network (MA, NH, ME) will be overlaid with CDMA/EV-DO and customers will be transitioned to the new network in between 1Q09-2Q09.

Unicel serves most of Northern New England:  Western, Northern & Seacoast New Hampshire, Northeastern New York, Western Massachusetts, all of Vermont, as well as most of ME. You may need a 3 watt analog phone (not available with GSM) for reliable service in the more remote areas.

Unicel is CDMA in the old Star Cellular areas (Strafford Co NH and York Co ME) and in Franklin Co MA. the rest of their system is GSM & TDMA/AMPS. TDMA will likely be shut down by 2/2008 at the latest. AMPS will be shut down too, although some outlaying areas may stay active for a while beyond that.

Most of the Unicel network is GSM-850. Don't bring your tri-band Euro-phone to Unicel country!


Unicel Northeast Native Service Area
(Summer 2008 - probably last map)

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