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(depending on the phone & where you sign up)
SID/NID: Depends on where you sign up
My Status: Active 
Length of Service: 29 months
My Phone: Moto 2126

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Tracfone is a prepay service. Tracfone does not operate their own system, they resell airtime on other systems. Tracfone often uses AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon.  They sometimes use T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular or other carriers. The service you get is based on your zipcode.

Beware: Airtime is tracked in the phone itself.  
GSM: Outgoing: You may be charged for any call of 1 second or greater, even if the call is busy, or never answers. Usually the system does not charge for busy/no answers.
CDMA: Outgoing: You are charged for any call of 15 seconds or greater, regardless of whether your call was completed or not. Incoming, you are charged for any airtime used.

Tracfone has free long distance to several countries (see site for details).

Roaming: Roaming Included.  Some of the older CDMA phones use two airtime units for every minute of usage outside the home coverage area. There is no additional charge for long distance.

You can get the latest info on Tracfone happenings and currently available bonus minutes code at the Yahoo Tracfone_Users Group.
Promotions: There is usually a $20-$30 refurb phone on the website, and it often includes a refill card


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