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Last Update: 12/17/2008 10:48 PM

850 MHz/1900 MHz GSM (AT&T-based)
1900 CDMA (Sprint-based)
My Status: Previous Subscriber Length of Service: 18 mos My Phone:  Siemens s56
This is 7-11's SpeakOut Wireless prepaid service.

There are two different plans. One uses AT&T and one uses Sprint.

Airtime is 15c/minute, and airtime is good for one year. Text is 5c to send and receive.
The Sprint-based plans have PTT for 50c/day and web for 1c/KB (that's $10/MB!). This plan may be gone. There is a new $40/mo unlimited night and weekend plan now.

A fee of $2.14 is now being deducted every month, at least on the AT&T-based plans. However, its still one of the best emergency phones.

You can only purchase Speak Out service by obtaining a phone from a 7-11 store. Airtime is available from a 7-11 store or by using a credit card/checking account over the phone
Beware: No roaming allowed. 

AT&T-based Coverage Area
(dark blue areas only)

Sprint-based Coverage Area
(dark brown areas only)






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