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850 MHz CDMA/1900 MHz CDMA/850 MHz AMPS System ID: Various
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This page is no longer linked. Simple Freedom has been merged into Alltel U as of 7/1/2007.

Simple Freedom is a Alltel's prepay service. The local calling area consists of the Alltel & Verizon Wireless Networks.  In the Northeast, service is only available in Litchfield Co, CT. Airtime costs a flat $0.15/minute. Airtime is good for 60 days (via $20/$30 via web), 90/180 days (via $25/$50 refill cards) or 365 days (via $100 refill card).  Minimum monthly cost is $8.33/month (via $25 refill card).

Beware: Airtime minutes are deducted when messages are retrieved from any phone, and when callers leave messages. 
Also, Simple Freedom special features from the handset (eg: balance and Customer Service) only work when on the Alltel network.  They will not work in Verizon areas (such as the entire Northeastern US). You must double dial each number when not on the native Alltel network.

Roaming: $0.50/minute. There is no additional charge for long distance.
Plans: Phones and refill cards can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or K-Mart. Activation and airtime may be purchased at the website, but be warned that airtime purchased via the web is only good for 60 days
Phones: Several available

Simple Freedom Coverage Map

The Simple Freedom coverage area includes the ALLTEL and Verizon networks

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