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UTStarcom CDM-1450 (Super Slice for Virgin Mobile USA)

The UTStarcom Super Slice (CDM-1450) is one of Virgin Mobil's newest phones. This is the lightest weight phone I have had (2.5 oz). Fits very well in the hand. Sounds good. OK camera (no flash). This is NOT a music phone. There is no memory card slot. There is no file transfer capability. You can send and receive pictures via MMS. You can purchase wallpapers, ringtones and games from Virgin Mobil.

Network/band: 1900 MHz only. Sprint PCS network only. No roaming ability.

Data: 1xRTT

Reception / RF: Average. It's not the phone to have in a low signal area. The antenna is in the bottom of the phone so be careful not to cover it with your hand.

Display: Good

Earpiece: Volume good, Quality good.

Speaker: Volume average, Quality ok, a little better than the Wild Card, but still not great.

Bluetooth: Hands-Free and Headset profiles only

Wallpaper: Can use MMS or camera for wallpapers. Can also purchase

Ringtones: No user loadable ringtones. Must purchase :(

Voice command: Not useful. You don't enter voices for your entries. You have to hit about 4 buttons, say "dial" and then say the entry you want to dial. Since you did not record your voice, it fails more than it works.

Camera: VGA quality - okay. No LED flash (no great loss)

Battery Life: lasts a couple days

Keypad: What you would expect. Keys are a little mushy but ok.

Field Test Capable: No.
Several codes available however (try at your own risk)
##1021 - hardware test (phone will restart when you exit this menu).
##22273 - RF Test
##3282# - 3G data prog
##564# - log option
##7678# - spc (port)
##777# - ppp
##786# - rtn
##825 - tck domain (this one doesn't need the last #)
##847446# - program phone
##889# - tty

Summary: One of Virgin's better phones. Negatives are the reception and the lack of file transfer ability.

If you have any comments or questions post on the forum!

Link to Phone Scoop info on the CDM-1450 (Super Slice)


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