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    Last Update: 04/04/2016 09:26 AM



My Stuff
Last Update: 04/04/2016 09:26 AM

My Wireless Providers

Current Service
AT&T (trac)
ekit (us/uk)
Sprint (RingPlus)
T-Mobile (tablet) 
U.S. Cellular
Verizon (trac)

Previous Service
Airvoice (AT&T)
AT&T ($1 m2m PAYG)
AT&T (AirVoice)
AT&T (Net10)
AT&T Blue GSM (GoPhone)
AT&T Blue TDMA (CallPlus)
Cingular GSM (GoPhone)
Cingular GSM (SpeakOut Wireless)
Cingular GSM (TracFone) x4
Cingular TDMA (CallPlus)
h2o (AT&T)
Mobal ( mvno)
Nextel (Boost Mobile)
PTel (T-Mobile mvno)
Spot Mobile
Sprint PCS
Sprint PCS (PTel)
Sprint PCS (Virgin Mobile)
Suncom TDMA
SwissCom EasyRoam
Talk For Good (Verizon mvno) - owner abandoned
T-Mobile (T-Mobile To Go)
Ting (Sprint PCS mvno)
Tyo Mobile
U.S. Cellular TDMA
U.S. Cellular CDMA (TracFone) x2
Verizon (CPS Wireless)
Verizon (Page Plus) x8
Verizon Pay As You Go
Verizon (TracFone) x2
Verizon (usa1RATE) x2

My Wireless Phones

Apple iPad3 (AT&T LTE)
LG Nexus 5
LG Nexus 5X
Motorola Moto XP
Motorola Nexus 6 x4
Moto X 2013
Motorola v3xx
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Apple i6s
Clarity Pro
Nexus 5X
Samsung SCH-U750 (Alias 2)

Apple i4
Apple i5s
HTC evo 3d
LG VX-3280
Motorola Droid RAZR maxx
Motorola e815
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy S 4
Siemens s56

No longer have
Blackberry 8703e
Blackberry 9530 (Storm1)
Blackberry 9630 (Tour)
HTC myTouch 3g (Magic)
Kyocera M1000
Kyocera M2000
Kyocera s1300
Kyocera se47
Kyocera Zio
LG 290c x2
LG 600G
LG g2x
LG VX-9900 (env)
Nokia 1100b
Nokia 2115
Nokia 2126 x2
Nokia 2600 x4
Nokia 3589i
Nokia 6102
Nokia 6120
 Nokia 6160
Nokia 6185
Nokia 6190
Nokia 6230b
Nokia 7190
Nokia e71
Motorola 7868
Motorola a855 (Droid 1)
Motorola DPC550
Motorola i1000+
Motorola i335
Motorola i425
Motorola i465
Motorola i776
Motorola i95cl
Motorola mb810 (Droid X)
Motorola mb860 (Atrix)
Motorola P8767
Motorola RAZR maxx Ve
Motorola RAZR v3
Motorola T720
Motorola v170
Motorola v60ic
Motorola v60it
Motorola v635
Motorola w376 x3
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (global)
Samsung SCH-U740 (Alias) x2
Samsung SCH-U750 (Alias 2)
Siemens s56
Snapfon ez ONE
UTStarcom CDM-1450

My Wireless Signals (at home)

I have active service I am able to dial 611 for testing I can't register on net
Provider Technology Frequency Band Signal (10=exc,1=poor)
AT&T E-GSM 1900 MHz PCS A (2)
PCS C (2)
AT&T WCDMA 850 MHz CELL A (5) 1
AT&T WCDMA 1900 MHz PCS A (2) 3
AT&T LTE 750 MHz 700 (17) 7
Sprint CDMA 1x 800 MHz ESMR 5
Sprint CDMA 1x 1900 MHz PCS B (2) 2
Sprint EVDO 1900 MHz PCS B (2) 2
Sprint LTE 800 MHz 800 (26) 3
Sprint LTE 1900 MHz PCS G (25) 2
Sprint LTE 2500 MHz 2500 (41) 1
T-Mobile E-GSM 1900 MHz PCS D (2)
PCS E (2)
T-Mobile WCDMA 1900 MHz PCS D (2)
PCS E (2)
T-Mobile WCDMA 1700/2100 MHz AWS (4) 4
T-Mobile LTE 700 MHz 700 (12) 7
T-Mobile LTE 1700/2100 MHz AWS (4) 4
U.S. Cellular CDMA 1x 850 MHz CELL A (5) 3
U.S. Cellular EVDO 850 MHz CELL A (5) 4
U.S. Cellular LTE 850 MHz CELL A (5) 2
Verizon CDMA 1x 850 MHz CELL B (5) 6
Verizon EVDO 850 MHz CELL B (5) 6
Verizon LTE 750 MHz 700 (13) 5
Verizon LTE 1900 MHz PCS C (2)
PCS F (2)
Verizon LTE 1700/2100 MHz AWS (4) 1
Sprint (Clearwire) WiMax
(shutdown 3/31/2016)
2500 MHz 2500 (41) SHUT DOWN
Verizon EVDO 1900 MHz PCS C (2)
PCS F (2)
T-Mobile (MetroPCS) CDMA 1700/2100 MHz AWS (4) SHUT DOWN
Verizon (Unicel) EGSM 1900 MHz PCS F (2) SHUT DOWN
Nextel iDen
(shutdown 6/30/2013)
U.S. Cellular AMPS
(shutdown 2/10/2009)
U.S. Cellular TDMA
(shutdown 2/10/2009)

Most of my phones are capable of being placed into field test mode, which display lots of useful information such as System ID, band, channel, tower IDs and signal strength.  Some of the phones have hundreds of screens of information. Each phone below is currently on the screen that displays signal strength.

My latest 2015. TBA.

My latest 2013. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon), LG Nexus 5 (T-Mobile), HTC evo 3g (Sprint), Samsung Galaxy Note II (AT&T). (taken 11/8/2013).  The second photo shows the various field tests available. I have to root to get the Note 3 into field test thanks to Verizon locking it down. Grrrr.

HTC Mytouch3 (T-Mobile), Motorola Droid X (Verizon) and Sanyo zio (Sprint).  (taken 4/29/2011).  The Droid X is the best of the bunch by far, followed by the Droid 1 (not in this picture but below), then the MyTouch3g and way at the bottom, in the toilet, is the Zio.  Signal levels are decent on all of them. The MyTouch3g screen is not as responsive or as accurate as the DX, but it is usable.  The zio screen performance (accuracy, sensitivity) is horrible. Perhaps it would not be that bad if I did not have other Androids.


RIM Blackberry 9530 (Storm 1) & Motorola a855 (Droid) (taken 3/28/2010). The 9530's signal was quite a bit lower (~5dBm) less than my 8703e. In real-life low-signal areas it did better than expected (trying to keep away from the antenna at the bottom).

Storm1 & Droid I

Storm1 & Droid II

Motorola i465 (iDEN) and Samsung SCH-U750 (Alias 2 CDMA) (taken 3/28/2010)

SCH-U750 & i465


Nokia e71: EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/1900, HSDPA (taken 3/8/2009)


Blackberry Storm: CDMA 850/1900 EV/DO Rev.A, EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 2100, HSDPA (taken 3/8/2009)


Boost i776: 800 MHz iDEN (taken 3/8/2009)


Here are my Motorola phones lined up.  From left to right, maxx ve, e815, v3xx, v635 (taken 12/14/2007)

The Motorola RAZR maxx Ve and LG VX-9900 (env). Both are RF disappointments, down 8 to 10 dBm from the e815 and 10 to 12 dBm down from the 3589i. In actual testing the Nokia 2126 beat the RAZR maxx Ve by a landslide. I have heard the RAZR2 restores the excellent Motorola RF performance. (taken 6/19/2007)

Blackberry 8703e on Verizon. It has the best "phone" on any of the PDAs out there. Good sound, good RF. It can't compete to the pull-up antenna of the 3589i or the e815, but no phone comes with them anymore. (taken 3/24/2007)

The Motorola e815 (CDMA 850/1900) and the Motorola v635 (GSM 850/900/1800/1900)
Of the two, the e815 has better sound and the software interface is much faster.  (taken 3/9/2006):


My Nokia 6230b (GSM 850/1800/1900) and the Nokia 3589i (CDMA 850/1900 & AMPS 850). (taken 2/5/2005):

More of my collection.  From left to right:  Motorola i95cl on Boost Mobile (Nextel Network), Motorola v60it on CallPlus (AT&T TDMA network), Kyocera SE47 V5 Slider on Virgin Mobile (Sprint PCS network) and Siemens S56 on EasySpeak (T-Mobile network).  (taken 12/19/2003):

Some of my other phones (taken 2/18/2003):

RF Performance

Now that most phones uses the same radio chips the RF performance is getting to be very similar across handsets. To date, Motorola has traditionally had very good signal power.  LG is mid-range.  Samsung was always good but near the bottom.  There is a trend of putting the antenna in the bottom section of the phone (especially smart phones) which really REALLY negatively affects performance. I assume this is to reduce the radiation levels to your head. You can improve reception by not holding the phone at the bottom (but then the phone is not secured and is more likely to be dropped). It's good to be aware of this fact if you are in a low signal area. Use the speakerphone in that case.

My signal testing is obsolete as almost all of those phones are gone. If a phone is crossed out below it means I no longer have that phone.  This data is outdated but I left it for some of us to have fun talking about the olden days!

Best CDMA 850
   1st is the e815
   2nd is the 3589i
   3rd is the P8767
   4th is the 8703e
   5th is the 9530 Storm1 (antenna in the bottom)
   6th is the a855 Droid (antenna in the bottom)
   7th is the 7868
   8th is the 2126
   9th is the env (VX-9900)
   10th is the RAZR maxx Ve (antenna in the bottom?)
   11th is the T720c 

Best CDMA 1900
   1st is the P8767
   2nd is the e815  
   3rd is the 7868
   4th is the 2126
   5th is the M1000
   6th is the RAZR maxx Ve (antenna in the bottom?)
   7th is the 2115
   8th is the CDM-1450
   9th is the T720c

Best GSM 850
   1st is the v635
   2nd is the v3xx
   3rd is the 6230b
   4th is the s56
   5th is the myTouch3g
   6th is the e71 (antenna in the bottom)

Best GSM 1900
   1st is the 7190
   2nd is the 6230b
   3rd is the v3xx
   4th is the v635
   5th is the s56
   6th is the myTouch3g
   7th is the e71 (antenna in the bottom)
   8th is the 6190

Best iDEN
   i450 (down 5 dBm)

Best Analog (OBE as analog is shut down): 
    1st is the DPC550 (full 600mw output)
    2nd is a tie between the 6120 and the 6160 (good)
    3rd is the P8767 (good)
    4th is the 7868 (fair)
    5th is the 3589i (fair)
    6th is the 2126 (fair)
    The rest have poor analog performance (T720c, v60it, 6185)

Best TDMA 850 (OBE as TDMA is shut down)
   1st is a tie between the 6120 and the 6160
   3rd is the v60it (significantly worse than the Nokias)

Best TDMA 1900 (OBE as TDMA is shut down)
   1st is the 6160
   2nd is the v60it

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