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Field Test / Engineering Menu / Test Mode / Netmonitor
Last Update: 03/25/2006 10:14 AM

This page is in development!

Field Test is used to view various engineering parameters, such as signal strength, frequency band, tower ID, etc. This page will capture the information that I know about.

WARNING: Using the various programming and test features of the phone can render your phone unusable of you are not careful. Do not attempt to make these changes unless you are careful and know what you are doing. You *CAN* screw things up!!!


enter this real fast to enable field test mode:

Then you can go in and out of "test mode" with <MENU><left soft key>

You need to dial a number after getting into test mode in order to see anything on the screen. The screen does not update when its idle.

The phone will ALWAYS start up in field test mode (probably not what you want). You need to enter this code to disable "test mode" (you cant type this when on the field test screen):

Alternately you can go into programming mode and enable/disable "test mode" on the menu:
(assuming you have not changed the security code - if you have, then use that instead of the six zeros)

Motorola GSM:

You need a data cable and software to modify the phone so that it has field test capability (called Engineering Menu)


Most CDMA and TDMA phones have field test capability.

Current Nokia GSM phones do not have field test capability. Only special firmware flashes have it. Some older phones do have field test (5190, 6190, 7190, 6340, 6340i)

To enable Field Test (called Netmonitor) so that it is a main menu entry:
Scroll to Field Test and enable it. Recycle Phone Power. You will then have a new menu item "Field Test".

Main Menu Field Test Codes:

TDMA/CDMA/GSM (old): 1
TDMA (newer): 2101
CDMA: 3101
GSM: 0101


Most Siemens phones do not have field test capability. The s56 is one of the few that does.

You need a serial data cable and software to enable field test. You need to do this for each SIM you will use in the phone.


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