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E-Mail to Cell - Provider Addresses


It's difficult to remember how to send e-mail to the different wireless providers phones. This is a chart that summarizes them (thanks to Uncle Bill on HoFo for giving me the idea and the initial list)

In order to find out network your phone truly operates on go to

and enter the number of your mobile phone, it will list the carrier in the top left corner, or just go to Verizon's page if it operates on Verizon

Once you know the provider of the cell phone you want to email, use the address below. Replace the "xxxxxxxxxx" with the actual cell number of the person you want to contact.

AT&T GSM: (text) (mms) (will continue to work into the foreseeable future)
(includes MVNO's such as AirVoice and Beyond)

AT&T (Blue) (retired but may still work):

Boost Mobile:



Sprint PCS:


U.S. Cellular:

Verizon: (sms) (mms)

(Verizon MVNO's such as PagePlus) (mms)

Virgin Mobile: (sms) (mms)

If the provider is not listed above, check out this rather lengthy list from


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