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CallPlus TDMA Service is no longer available to new subscribers as of 12/31/2005. Existing customer can continue to use the service. Current customers may NOT request new phone numbers either. The TDMA shutdown date is sometime in 2008.

CallPlus Wireless is a prepaid wireless service that uses the Cingular Blue TDMA network (formerly AT&T Wireless), and is the brand name of parent company Locus Telecommunications.  GSM service is now available but I have not updated my site with that info.. 

Note: The Cingular Orange (heritage Cingular) TDMA network and Cingular Blue (former AT&T) TDMA systems have not merged. You will still be considered roaming if you are on Cingular Orange.

Locus Telecommunications also offers prepaid wireless service under the name of Locus Mobile and Oxygen Wireless. These are similar plans, with lower monthly cost at the low end. Available numbers are not as wide spread as CallPlus however.  Locus has also started CDMA wireless plans that use the Verizon network, under the names Locus Platinum and Viva Wireless. Those deals were not that great, but now that Verizon discontinued their prepay plan (they only have a $30+/month GoPhone-like plan), the plans are not so bad.

I have been told that CallPlus Wireless will activate a tri-mode TDMA phone (that has never been used on CallPlus) for free, and they will throw in some free minutes. This is not indicated on the website, you have to call them.

eCallPlus and Pharos International are resellers of CallPlus Wireless.  Several others companies resell the service as well.

Pharos International has the starter kit on sale for $11 ($5 plus $6 for shipping, 60 minutes of airtime). It takes about a week to receive the starter kit.[2/27/2005]

eCallPlus has the starter kit on sale for $29 (50 minutes of airtime).  The kit is received via e-mail within 24 hours.  If you can accept a phone number from the area code list without checking the exchanges available then you can activate directly from the information in the e-mail, you don't need to call customer service at all!  [12/04/2003]

Click here for a detailed list of CallPlus features.

Q: What is the starter kit?
A: The starter kit is used for first-time activation of a phone on the CallPlus network and includes approx. 60 minutes of airtime.  Once a cell phone electronic serial number (ESN) is registered in the CallPlus system, you can't add airtime to the phone using a starter kit (even if you let your CallPlus service expire or terminate service). .[2/27/2005]


Q: What phones can I use with CallPlus?
A: You can use most any (unlocked or AT&T branded) tri-mode TDMA phone, new or old.   If you do not get a tri-mode phone you may end up roaming 100% of the time, which costs you 4x the minute rate!  (5/17/2004)

I suggest using only an AT&T branded phone.  Several people have had problems because the phones were locked to other carriers and the IRDB was programmed to reject the Cingular Blue (former AT&T) network (1/20/2004)

Q: Can I change the phone that I use with CallPlus?
A: YES.  To change phones (ESNs) you must FAX CallPlus at 877-205-9700 with the following information: name and address, CallPlus phone number and PIN, old phone's ESN and model, new phone's ESN and model. The ESN change may take up to 48 hours (thanks to Stanley Cline 1/10/2004).


Q: How do I activate service with CallPlus?
A: Purchase an activation kit (and optionally a phone) with one of the CallPlus vendors. Follow the instructions that come with the activation kit. You can also contact Customer Service for assistance. Basically, you enter your phone electronic serial number (ESN), the area code you desire, speak with a customer service representative to determine your actual phone number, you then give the rep your airtime serial number (that came with the activation kit). The rep will walk you through the steps to program the phone.

Q: Is CallPlus service available in my area?
A: If you live in an area serviced by AT&T (Cingular Blue) TDMA then yes. If you don't then you'll pay four times the minute rate since you will be roaming.

Q: Is there a wireless phone number available in my area?
A: Click here to check the general areas of availability.  Phone numbers are only available where AT&T (Cingular Blue) provides wireless service. There are a limited number of local exchanges available, contact Customer service to find out exactly what is available. (10/10/2003)

Q: What happens if no local AT&T (Cingular Blue) TDMA service in my area?
A: You will still have service, although your phone will indicate "ROAM" or "Extended Area".  Since the roaming rate is 4x the minute rate, you will want to find an alternate prepaid service as this service will be very expensive.

Q: Can I choose a wireless phone number in a different location than where I am?
A: YES, you can choose a number from any of the available area codes listed here.  This could be beneficial if you want a local number in a distant city.  You typically can't do that with a postpaid plan.

Q: Can I change my cell phone number?
A: YES, you can have your wireless number changed at any time by contacting Customer Service. However you will forfeit any remaining minutes, so it's best to do this after you use up all your existing minutes.

Q: How do I know what my PIN is?
A: Your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number (or 1100 if your the last 4-digits of your phone starts with the number 0). You can change it by calling 866-512-2167 and following the prompts.
(if you call from your cell phone you will be charged airtime)

Q: How do I know what my voicemail password is?
A: Your initial password is 1111. Dial your cell phone number to access your voice mail.  The system will recognize that your mailbox has not been set up and the first thing you'll do is change your password!  If you have trouble setting up your voice mail then contact Customer Service (thanks to Lena Gainster 10/01/2003)
(if you call from your cell phone you will be charged airtime)

Q: What is my e-mail address for receiving text messages?
A: Your e-mail address is your 10 digit wireless number @mmode.com (eg: 2125551212@mmode.com)
(receiving text messages is free, but it costs one minute of airtime to send a message).

Q: How do I discontinue CallPlus Service?
A: Just let 30 days go by without making a call.  If you want to discontinue service so you can use your phone on some other service (such as Cingular) then contact Customer Service and wait 30 days.  You may then have to call them to have them remove your ESN from the database.  

Q: Once I start with Pharos Int'l can I go to any provider to buy airtime refills or do you have to stick with the starter company to buy refills?
A: You can purchase airtime from any CallPlus service (currently CallPlus, eCallPlus or Pharos Int'l). That said, Pharos Int'l is the only one selling the $10 card.

Q: If I start with Pharos Int'l and I let my account expire (either by not making a call every 30 days or not purchasing airtime every 90 days) can I go with another Callplus provider to start-up again?
A: YES, but you can't get the special starter kit again. You're phone is already registered, so you just get an airtime card, call CallPlus Customer Service and reactivate. You'll probably get a new phone number.

Q: If I currently have service with AT&T Wireless (or AT&T Free2Go Prepaid), can I keep my same phone number when switching to CallPlus?
A: NO, you will get a new phone number. CallPlus has it's own block of numbers.


Q: What does airtime cost?
A: CallPlus costs are as follows:
        $  10 for   40 minutes, $0.25/minute (Pharos Int'l Only)  $3.33/month
        $  20 for   90 minutes, $0.22/minute
        $  30 for 157 minutes, $0.19/minute
        $  40 for 266 minutes, $0.15/minute
        $  50 for 333 minutes, $0.15/minute
        $100 for 666 minutes, $0.15/minute
        $200 for 1333 minutes, $0.15/minute
           (pricing info taken from Pharos Int'l website, effective 01/18/2005)

A: Oxygen is cheaper on the $20 and $30 cards:
        $  20 for  133 minutes, $0.15/minute
        $  30 for  200 minutes, $0.15/minute

Q: How long is airtime good for?

A: Airtime is good for 90 days once you add the airtime to the phone.

Q: If I add airtime to my phone will the remaining minutes carry over for an additional 90 days?

Q: Is there any minimum airtime usage requirements?
A: YES, You must have at least one billable call every 30 days (outgoing call, outgoing SMS, incoming call) to keep your account active. If you do not, and your account goes inactive, you will lose any remaining airtime in your account, and you may lose your wireless number as well.

Q: I'm going overseas for two months. I don't have anyone I can rely on to make a call once a month. How I keep my CallPlus prepaid alive?
A. This trick seems to work. Forward your CallPlus prepaid to any phone that has voicemail. At least once every 30 days ring your CallPlus number until the other voicemail answers. This will use one minute of airtime and keep your account alive. (thanks to Donald Newcomb 03/23/2004)

Q: How do I know when my minutes expire?
A: Write it down! You may also contact Customer Service to find out.  One way to keep track of the expiration date is to enter it into your phone address book as "Name" CallPlus and "phone number" 12*25*03 if the expiration happens to fall on Christmas Day, for example. It can than be easily updated every time airtime is added (thanks to Lena Gainster 10/01/2003)
(if you call from your cell phone you will be charged airtime)

Q: Can I recharge my airtime via the Internet?
A: You can go to any of the links on the top of this FAQ. All CallPlus providers will recharge over the internet. The 90 day expiration date kicks in when you add the airtime card to the phone, not when you purchase it. Once you have the refill serial number and wish to add the airtime, call 866-512-2167 and follow the prompts.
(if you call from your cell phone you will be charged airtime)

Q: Can I recharge my airtime over the phone?
A:  Yes, you can do so by contacting Customer Service. You can even purchase the $10 card this way (thanks to Jeremy Schertzinger 02/16/2004)

Q: Is the minutes remaining message accurate?
A: YES. All airtime is deducted in real time. You always know exactly how many minutes are left.

Q: Will I be notified when my remaining minutes are running out?
A: YES, you will receive a text message on your phone when you have 10 minutes of airtime remaining.

Q: What happens if I forget to refill my account within the 90 days?
A: You will lose any remaining minutes in your account.  Additionally you may lose your cell phone number.

Q: Can I check my remaining minutes?
A: YES, either by placing a call or calling 866-512-2167 and following the prompts.
(if you call from your cell phone you will be charged airtime)

Q: Can I turn off the remaining minutes message at the beginning of each call?
A: YES, by calling 866-512-2167 and following the prompts
(if you call from your cell phone you will be charged airtime)

Q: Can I turn off the low minute text message warning?
A: YES, by calling 866-512-2167 and following the prompts
(if you call from your cell phone you will be charged airtime)


Q: Is voice mail included with the plan?

Q: Is caller-id included with the plan?
A: YES, and the same caveats apply as with any cell plan, it depends on the capabilities of the system you are on. In general it should work if you're roaming on a major carrier such as Cingular or Verizon.

Q: What about message waiting indicator, call waiting, three-way calling and call forwarding?
A: YES, they are all included, but see caveat above

Q: Is text messaging included with the plan?
A: It costs 1 minute of airtime to send or receive a message (it may still be free to receive messages for some people, you might need to check this yourself).  Text messaging is hit or miss when roaming. I've found that text messaging works with Cingular and U.S. Cellular.  I could receive messages via Rogers but could not send them.  Some people have not been able to get text messaging to work at all, even in their home AT&T (Cingular Blue) market. (per callplus website 06/07/2005)

Q: Can I send a text message to an internet address?
A: YES. To do so, enter "0000" or "0000000000" (if one does not work then try the other) as the TO address.  In the body of the message start with the internet e-mail address followed by a blank space followed by the text you want to send. (10/07/2003 thanks to Maxim Markevitch)

Q: Is numeric paging to my CallPlus phone available?
A: NO. This feature has been discontinued.

Q: Am I charged airtime when somebody leaves me a voice mail message?


Q: Am I charged airtime when checking voice mail from a landline?

Q: Am I charged when checking voice mail from the cell phone?
A: YES of course

Q: Can I dial directory assistance and how much does it cost?
A: If you are on the Cingular Blue network you can dial 411.  If you are roaming you can dial A/C 555-1212. It costs five units of airtime per minute to use directory assistance.  (10/10/2003)


Q: Is domestic long distance included at no charge?
A: YES.  

Q: Is long distance included at no charge to Hawaii or Alaska?

Q: Can I make International Calls?
A: You can make International calls to many countries at no additional charge.  For more information click here.  Basically, you dial a Los Angeles number (562-252-0100), wait for the dial tone, enter 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number.  You are charged airtime as soon as you connect to the LA number, regardless of whether you reach someone or not. Calls to cell phones & special services will probably not work.  (10/10/2003)

Q: Can I make long distance calls to Canada?

A: YES.  Follow the instructions under the previous question.   When you get the dial tone, enter 1 + Area Code + Phone Number.  (10/10/2003)

Q: Can't I make international Calls by dialing direct?
A: YES, but don't, it's going to cost you an arm and a leg!  Examples (may vary based on time of day and other factors):
Calls to Canada will cost you two units of airtime each minute
Calls to Puerto Rico will cost you ten units of airtime each minute
Calls to some countries can cost more than 100 units of airtime each minute !!!


Q: Are there any roaming charges while traveling throughout the US?
A: Yes. You are charged 4 minutes of airtime for every minute you use the phone while roaming (5/17/2004)

Q: Will my phone work while traveling throughout the US?
A: YES.  CallPlus uses the same roaming agreements that the old AT&T One Rate plan used. There is a high probability that if you are in range of an wireless tower, you will be able to use your phone (at 4x the minute rate).

Q: How do I know when I'm on the AT&T (Cingular Blue) network? 
A: When your phone says "AT&T" you are on the Cingular Blue network.

Q: How do I know if I'm roaming?
A: Your phone will display "Roam" or "Extended Area".

Q: Will my features (eg: caller-id, message waiting indicator, etc) work while roaming?
A: Probably. It depends on the roaming network you are connected to.  Caller ID and message waiting indicator have worked on every system I have roamed onto (Cingular, Verizon, US Cellular, Unicel, Rogers).  (10/10/2003)

Q: Are there any special procedures I have to follow when roaming off the AT&T (Cingular Blue) Wireless Network?
A: YES, outgoing calls on a roaming network require you to answer up to four prompts (see below under Incoming and Outgoing Call Questions)

Q: When roaming, why do I have to enter the destination phone number twice?
A: The number you initially dial is lost when the roaming system passes the call to the CallPlus network.  The biggest disadvantage is when you call someone from your address book. If you are always roaming you can simply include the extra steps in your address book entries (8/10/2003)

Q: What happens if I connect to the "American Roaming Network" when placing a call, and I'm asked to make a credit card or collect call?
A: That means there is no roaming agreement in place.  It will cost you between $1 and $5 per minute, so don't do it unless it is an emergency!  You can't receive incoming calls in this case.  This should not happen very often (if at all).

ROAMING (Canada):

Q: Can I use my phone in Canada?
A: YES, but only on Rogers.  Recent tests: CallPlus works in Montreal (7/21/2003) and Kingston (Aug 2004). Others have used it over the past few years in Vancouver, BC; Windsor, Ont, London, Ont, and Toronto, Ontario (Paul Kowalski 05/04/2005)

Q: How do I use my phone when roaming in Canada?

A: Receiving calls is the same.  When making calls, it works the same as if you were roaming within the USA. To dial a Canadian number while roaming in Canada, you should follow the procedure for dialing an international number (under the long distance section above). (10/10/2003).

Q: Are there any additional roaming or long distance charges while roaming in Canada?
A: NO!  Use the phone as if you were in the US. 

Note:  Other than Rogers in Canada, your CallPlus phone will not operate outside the US. 


Q: Do I receive calls any differently than I would on a post-paid plan?
A: NO.  It rings, you answer (or it goes to voice mail)

Q: Do I make calls any differently than I would on a post-paid plan?
A1: If you are on the AT&T (Cingular Blue) Wireless Network, you simply dial the number. You will be told how many minutes remain before your call is completed. Airtime is not charged until after you have heard how many minutes remain in your account.

A2: Outgoing calls on a roaming network require you to answer up to four prompts (see next question). Then you will be told how many minutes remain, and then your call will then be connected.  Airtime is not charged until after you have heard how many minutes remain in your account.

Q: Exactly what do the prompts say when I place a call while roaming?
A. This is what you will hear:
    1. Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish
    2. Please enter your 10 digit prepaid wireless phone number
    3. Please enter your 4 digit personal identification number
    4. Enter the phone number of the person you want to call
    5. Based on where you are calling you have xxx minutes remaining
    (Some roaming systems start you at step 1 and some start you at step 4. (09/18/2004)

Q: Will calls to 611 incur airtime?

Q: Will calls to CallPlus Customer Service incur airtime?
A1: If you are using your cell phone, all calls will deduct airtime.
A2: If you call any of the customer service numbers from a landline you will not burn airtime minutes except for the following one case: Calls to the automated account info line (866 512 2167) will deduct airtime *IF* you talk to a live customer service representative. So don't use that number to speak to a CS rep!

Q: On outgoing calls, will unanswered or busy numbers incur airtime?
A: NO.  The only exception is if you are making an international call.

Q: On incoming calls, will I be charged airtime if I do not answer the phone?
A: NO.

Q: Am I charged airtime for local Cingular Blue features?

A: Probably not. You are NOT charged for some special services (such as Boston's *1 Smart Traveler Information Service).

Special Note: Normally incoming calls that go to voicemail will not use airtime.  However, if your phone is ON, and you receive two calls in parallel, and you let them both go to voicemail, you are charged a minute of airtime.  This must be some sort of anomaly, and you probably won't run into it, but now you know it could happen.

Disclaimer:  Other than using their service, I have no connection to CallPlus, Locus Telecommunications, eCallPlus or Pharos International. The information listed above is from my own experience and that of others.  Conditions and terms of service may change at any time, please contact the companies for the most up to date information. 

Comments, corrections and additions appreciated at cellguru@gmail.com

Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to [Cellguru].