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Mostly 1900 MHz TDMA; (850 MHz TDMA/850 MHz AMPS in some areas) AT&T SIDs: 1631/4201/501 (NH);  4105(MA)
My Status: Service shut down Length of Service: 53 mos My Phone: Nokia 6160
CallPlus Wireless is a prepay service that utilizes the Cingular Blue (previously AT&T Wireless) TDMA Network.  GSM service is now available, but I have not updated my CallPlus page with GSM info yet.
The TDMA network will be shut down sometime in 2008.

No new prepay TDMA activations are being performed as of 12/31/2005. Prepay service will continue until March 30, 2007.  My service was cut off March 15, 2007.

NOTE: Your phone's e-maill address has changed to xxxxxxxxxx@mmode.com. You must start using this address ASAP as the @mobile.att.net address will be discontinued.

Long Distance: Included.  You have to enter a special sequence of digits when you are not on the AT&T network. Airtime is good for 90 days.  Airtime costs $0.15 to $0.25/minute based on the value of the airtime card. Minimum monthly cost is $3.33/month.

Note that CallPlus airtime might never expire as long as you make the one billable call every 30 days. One of my phones is going on 8 months without a refill! Only try this if you don't mind possibly losing your airtime.

Your account must incur at least one billable call every 30 days

Roaming: Costs 4x the minutes when roaming.  One of the only prepaid plans to roam in Canada (on Rogers)

Note: Cingular has not merged the Orange and Blue TDMA networks.  You will be roaming at 4x the rate when roaming on many Cingular Orange systems.
Promotions: Free activation and free initial airtime (phone calls only)
Plans: As low as $10 for 40 minutes of airtime
Phones: You can use any AT&T-branded tri-mode TDMA phone (Non-AT&T phones may give you problems).  If the phone is not tri-mode then you'll be roaming (at 4x the rates) in many parts of the US.

CallPlus Coverage Area
(NC & SC local areas have been removed)
(dark orange=local; yellow=USA roaming at 4x; pink=Canada roaming at 4x

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