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My Status: Active Length of Service: 60 months My Phone:  Motorola i335
Boost is a prepaid plan that uses the National Nextel network.

Airtime costs 10c/minute and is good for 90 days. Direct connect (walkie-talkie) use is $1.00/day (unlimited).

Boost also has hybrid plans available for $30, $50 and $70 a month (see hybrid comparison chart for details), however they are very poor values compared with the old $50 premium plan.

Boost is releasing a new unlimited calling plan for $49.99 starting 1/22/2009 with no extra taxes or fees!

Beware: Boost phones are locked and can only be used with Boost service. They can't be used on a Nextel service plan. Boost does not support Call Waiting.  Also Customer Service is very poor - the customer service rep has no authority to do anything other than relay info from tech support - who you can't talk directly to.

As of 9/2006: If someone alerts you, even if your phone is off, you are charged the $1/day.

Roaming: No coverage outside the Nextel network in the USA.  No capability for emergency communications in rural areas. Roaming is available in parts of Mexico at additional cost. In Canada you can use Wireless Web for no extra charge and DC for a surcharge of 20c/minute (billed by the second). You can NOT make or receive voice calls in Canada.


Boost New England Coverage

Boost National Coverage Area
(voice service not available in the red areas)

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