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850 MHz  GSM/1900 MHz GSM GSM Network Code: 310-410 (US-41)
My Status: N/A Length of Service: N/A My Phone: N/A
Beyond Wireless is a prepay service that utilizes the AT&T GSM Network.
Current Plans:

   $5, 36 minutes, 15 days, min $10/mo
   $15, 114 minutes, 60 days, min $7.50/mo 
   $25, 204 minutes, 75 days, min $10/mo 
   $50, 450 minutes, 90 days
   $100, 1000 minutes, 90 days

A new $50 airtime card is good for one year (only if you simply must have AT&T coverage for emergency use only - its 50c/minute !!!!)

$10 starter kit includes SIM and 36 minutes (no longer available on the website)

Airtime costs between 10c ($100 refill) and 50c ($50 one-year refill)

Text costs 8c to send and 6c to receive.  If you send lots of texts the rates go down slightly (6c if you send more than 500 - but if you text that much you are better off elsewhere).

Roaming: Service is the same as AT&T GoPhone's Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan. You are not allowed to roam off of the AT&T GSM network.

You can use any AT&T Orange or unlocked GSM phone. The phone must have both the GSM-850 and GSM-1900 bands.

Beyond Wireless GSM Coverage Area

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