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Last Update: 02/04/2013 08:24 PM



1900 MHz GSM; 1900 MHz TDMA
(850 MHz GSM & 850 MHz TDMA/850 MHz AMPS in some areas)
GSM Network Code: 310-380 (US-38)
SIDs: 1631/4201/501 (NH);  4105/4201 (MA)
My Status: Previous Subscriber Length of Service: 9 months My Phone: Nokia 6160
AT&T Wireless plans have been discontinued
(you can keep your service, but not sign up for new plans)

This is the last update of the AT&T Wireless Maps ... 9/17/2004

AT&T New England Local GSM America Coverage Map


AT&T NY/NJ/CT Local GSM America Coverage Map


AT&T Central New York Local GSM America Coverage Map

AT&T GSM America National Plan Map

AT&T New England Local TDMA Coverage Map
orange=local; light yellow = roaming

AT&T TDMA National Plan Map (areas within the red outlines)

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